Noah Jr. Coaching

Noah Jr with an arms crossed pose.
I specialize in helping people to rebuild their metabolism in order to drop and enhance a healthy and active lifestyle in their new confident body.
Three pillars of online coaching


The first thing I’m going to do is dial in your eating habits – and that’s where 90% of your results come from. And so I will teach you how to eat whatever you want without any food restrictions and most importantly be able to sustain this way of eating for the rest of your life.


Then I’m gonna craft the perfect exercise regime that fits into your lifestyle and get you doing the things that you enjoy. Because if you enjoy it, you will be able to sustain it.


Then I’m going to reprogram your subconscious mind. Now this is where ALL decisions come from when it comes to making healthier choices. Not just with food but EVERYTHING in life. Whether it’s to choose what to eat or what to do – this is really what’s going to make or break you, with sustaining this new lifestyle. And so I teach you how to reprogram your thinking so you can think and feel better about yourself and make decisions that will empower you to stay motivated forever.


Once I do your lifestyle questionnaire, I then create the perfect nutrition regime that makes sense for your busy life. Not only do I build you this fully personalised eating regime but I also TEACH you how to understand your needs so that you can adapt your eating habits and make this work into your life forever.
Being able to go out for meals, enjoy your social life and not be restricted in the food choices you make WHILE making consistent daily progress towards your goals.


The same applies for your exercise plan. I build this around your lifestyle and get you doing things that simply “make sense”. This is really about doing what you WANT to do and what makes sense for your lifestyle while being able to maximise your results. That could be building a plan that works around exercising at home, or at the gym or simply doing other activities that you enjoy rather than just telling you what to do like most trainers would.


I guarantee maximum results, but only if you are serious and willing to fully commit to transforming your body.


Physical Trainer (EQF niveau 3)
NASmtm Personal Trainer (EQF niveau 4)

Hi Everyone!

I am Noah Junior, a driven 28-year-old born in France of African and South American descent. My journey into the world of sports began with a passion for football at the early age of 7. I left my parents home at 13 to enroll in a prestigious football academy, where I learned the importance of values, discipline and a competitive spirit. I trained with my team several times a week and competed on weekends, far away from family, friends and the parties that my peers enjoyed. It was very difficult to leave home at such a young age, but the experience helped me mature at a fast pace.

Noah Jr. on a running track
Noah Jr performing rope pulldowns in the gym.
Noah Jr in the gym giving instructions to a client.

My journey

I built myself little by little through effort and perseverance, because I was happy doing what I loved most in the world. I joined notable French clubs at the time, such as AS Nancy-Lorraine and FC Sochaux-Montbéliard. Additionally, I joined the French national youth team. Unfortunately, after a serious injury at 17 my football career ended. I had to stop playing football and spent time at a rehabilitation gym. During this time I met friends who were involved in fighting sports. This intrigued me. I began boxing and stayed committed to that, as well as Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), for three years. My involvement in these sports came to an abrupt end when I tore my lower lip, which sadly took me away from the rings. It was through those challenges that I started utilizing the gym to stay in shape.

It took me several years to learn how to effectively train. However, through self-teaching and experience I gained a deeper understanding of my own body and its limits, as well as how to overcome inconsistency in my efforts. I am someone who thoroughly enjoys life, loves being with family, traveling, and spending time with friends. I would further describe myself as an ambitious and determined person. I am thankful for the opportunities that my active lifestyle has created for me. My passion for sports and fitness, along with educators who were like my parents, have instilled discipline and afforded me academic and professional success.

Now, at the request of many, I want to continue helping those who want to elevate themselves and who are positive and serious about achieving their health, wellness and fitness goals.

Helping You To Get The Body You Want While You’re Also Enjoying Your Life